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Your Smile Deserves Teeth Whitening in Windsor at Midtown Dental Centre

Is your smile not at its best? If stained teeth make you feel ill at ease or embarrassed when you smile, consider the benefits of Windsor teeth whitening at Midtown Dental Centre. We regularly witness the empowerment that white teeth can create.

Increase your self-confidence in all areas of your life by making an appointment for dental whitening with our Midtown dental team today.

Here are 4 facts about teeth whitening in Windsor:

  1. Your teeth need to be free from cracks, unfilled cavities, or loose dental work for whitening to be effective and safe. You should also have healthy gums.
  2. Whitening is not recommended for those under 12, those with dental veneers/multiple crowns, or those who are pregnant.
  3. Bleaching solutions use varying strengths of agents, such as carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. Lower concentrations may be best if you have sensitive teeth. Your dentist can suggest the right strength for you.
  4. Teeth bleaching tends to work best on yellowed stains and is less effective on brown stains. Gray-hued stains (or purple) generally don’t respond to whitening treatments at all. Such problems are not uncommon to those whose teeth have been stained internally by Tetracycline and other medications. Ask your doctor which options may work best for you.

Enjoy the Confidence that Comes from a White Smile

After your dentist assesses your oral health and discusses whitening options with you, our dental team will fit you with a whitening tray. Depending on the level of whitening achieved, you may wish to return for subsequent whitening appointments until you reach the desired tooth colour.

Be prepared for noticeable results after your treatments! The best part comes from feeling that you’re no longer smiling with closed lips or putting your hand in front of your mouth when you laugh. Our Midtown Dental team enjoys seeing how lives can change for the better with targeted whitening treatments.

Make an appointment for a bright new smile today at Midtown Dental Centre. Have further questions? We’re happy to answer them. Call us or fill out our online form for quickest response.

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